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Washer Repair Langley & Surrey

Is Your Washer Broken? Let’s get it fixed!

The washing machine is undoubtedly the crown jewel of your home’s laundry setup. Without it, keeping your clothes clean is more than just a bothersome chore, it’s an absolute headache. So when your washer dies on you, it can spell total disaster if you don’t get it fixed quickly and efficiently.

Thankfully, we’re here to help you! No matter what brand, make, or model of washer you’ve got installed at your home, our certified and licensed technicians can help you sort out just about any problem imaginable in the blink of an eye. Whether its a gasket replacement, or even a transmission job – we’ve got your back.

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Common Washer Problems We Fix

  • Washer won’t run or start cycle.
  • Washer leaking from the door or bottom.
  • Washer drum won’t spin after filling up.
  • Washer is making strange sounds or vibrates.
  • Washing machine error codes (E01, ND, 5E, FO, FL, DE and more).
  • Washer won’t fill up with water.
  • Washer won’t drain the water out.
  • Washer is unresponsive.

Dealing with a broken appliance? We can help you get it fixed quickly, professionally and at an affordable price!

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