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Fridge Repair Langley & Surrey

Is Your Fridge Or Freezer Broken? We’ll repair it!

The fridge (otherwise known as the refrigerator) is the keystone of the kitchen in just about any given modern home. We use it on a daily basis to store groceries, freeze food for later dates and keep our food from spoiling. And when the fridge breaks down, it can definitely create a serious bit of stress for any homeowner.

Thankfully, we’ve got your back! No matter what brand of fridge or freezer you’ve got, or what problem you’re dealing with – our professional refrigeration technicians can help you get it all sorted out quickly and effectively.

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Common Refrigerator Issues We Fix

  • Fridge isn’t cooling or freezer not cooling.
  • Fridge or freezer icing over.
  • Water leaking from refrigerator.
  • Refrigerator cycling too often.
  • Fridge water dispenser won’t work.
  • Fresh food drawer is freezing over.
  • Refrigerator door is freezing shut.
  • Fridge making strange noises.

Dealing with a broken appliance? We can help you get it fixed quickly, professionally and at an affordable price!

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