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Clothes Dryer Repair Langley & Surrey

Is Your Dryer Broken? We’ll fix it for you!

The dryer plays a very important role in the laundry room of every modern home. This appliance makes drying your freshly washed clothes incredibly quick and convenient. And without it, that process becomes a total chore.

Thankfully, if your gas or electric dryer breaks down, you’ve got us on your side! No matter what brand, make, or model of dryer you have installed, and no matter what issue you’re facing – our professional dryer repair technicians can help you solve it and get your dryer back up and running like new.

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Common Dryer Issues We Repair

  • Dryer won’t heat up or gets way too hot.
  • Dryer makes strange noises or vibrates violently.
  • Dryer doesn’t start when you press the button.
  • Dryer shuts off after a minute or two.
  • Dryer error codes (E01, E5B, 00D, F02, D90, OD and more).
  • Dryer won’t tumble or spin the drum.
  • Dryer takes too long to dry clothes.
  • Clothes come out of dryer wrinkled.

Dealing with a broken appliance? We can help you get it fixed quickly, professionally and at an affordable price!

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